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About Me

I am one of those people who constantly needs to be challenged and feels like I am making a difference in the lives that I touch. For many years my challenge, was my health, both physically and emotionally. Until I got that under control, I was not much good to anyone. Let’s start at the beginning.

As long as I can remember, I have had a passion for children. From the age of 13, I have been involved with different children’s programs in one way or another. After I finished my Recreation Degree, I moved to the small town of Vanderhoof, where I found a good balance of paper work and hands on program time.

After a life-changing health challenge that forced me to take two years off of work. I realized I wanted less paperwork and more “play time”. That is when I decided to take the Rehabilitation Assistant Program at Capilano University. I especially liked the idea of being triple-trained and working with Occupational, Physio and Speech Language Pathologists.

After finishing my Rehabilitation Assistant diploma, I began working with mostly children on the Autism Spectrum.

My Philosophy