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 Parents / Educators Books

Uniquely Human

This book transformed how I approached Therapy. It is really well written and full of great stories of his clients.  My biggest take away from this book was that when children script even when it doesn’t seem to make sense to us, it does to them because it is related to a feeling / an emotion that they experienced when they heard that phrase.


Behavioral Challenges in Children with Autism and Other Special Needs








This is such a great book! I totally align with its approach. It is based on that a child who is calm and regulated internally will naturally explore their surrounding environment and using really strong relationships with adults we can help them learn. A child who is misbehaving is not doing it to make you mad, they are telling you something is wrong, I am confused or I need help regulating myself. It has given me such great insight.


Guts, Wits, Grit

This book is well written, laid out and takes a look at things that influence your child that are not often considered. She looks at how the food your child eats influences the bacteria in their belly that in turn influences their ability to stamina, persistence and how they react to stress. The book looks at the effects of outdoor activity, exercise, touch and different colored lights on a child.



The Autistic Brain

This book is really technical and talks mostly about the research that has been done on what causes Autism. It did have some good reminders of how the children I work with see and process the world around them.


The Reason I Jump

This was one of the first books that I was given by one of families. It is an easy read but very insightful. It is written by a Boy on the Autism Spectrum who was nonverbal. My biggest take away from this book was a line that read something like this, ” When I don’t answer right away, please give me time to think. I have the answer I just need to find it, by giving me that answer you teach me not to bother. ”



The Spark  (a Mother’s story of Nurturing Genius)

Kristine Barnett shares her story of raising her son who was on the lower end of the Autism Spectrum when first diagnosed at three, to a 9-year-old who was happily conversing with college students about his theory on relativity.  It was a long book but highlighted some really good points such as if you focus on what the child is interested so they will be internally motivated to learn more. It really focused on a child, adult relationship so  the child will look to you for support. The second the value of being a kid and having kid experiences like play for the sake of play, being on a team, and making a good friend.  The last was that how easy it is to forget about looking after yourself and the toll it can play on your body as a caregiver.

Kids Books

Julia Cook

Julia Cook writes amazing Social Stories. I have only listed a few of my favorites. Most of the titles are self-explanatory.

Bubble Gum Brain 

I Just want to do it my way!

Hygiene…. You Stink

Personal Space Camp

Uniquely Wierd – A story about Autism and Its Gifts

Making Friends is an Art!

Well, I can top that!

Wilma Jean the Worry Machine

My Mouth is a Volcano!