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Seven tips for a successful year at school !

Going back to school is new and exciting, but also can be over whelming and frustrating. Color coding everything can make it easier to stay organized and successful this.

Color coding school subjects

Each subject should be different color and the color code the stuff that goes with the subject ie, math – calculator, eraser, pencil, geometry set should match it. You could go even as far as getting matching colored bracelets to the subjects and when homework is assigned put that bracelet on and then have them write the homework in his or her agenda.

Parent/ Teacher communication colors

Another good idea is to have what the teacher said in the agenda in one color and what parents said in another.

Color coding system for notes

Color coding system for notes can be very helpful. Having the main topic highlighted one color, sub topics another, terms and vocabulary each different colors from the rest.

A color coded to do list

This can work for you and your child, separate them into to do today, this week, this month or do first, second, third.  If there is more than one thing on your child’s to do list let them take it with them to help them remember what they were to do next.

Two sided luggage tag

Having a two sided luggage tag on the zipper of their back pack with one side with the stuff that goes in the bag written on it and the stuff that comes home on the other, each written in different colors can help them stay independent and organized.

The “to home and to school” folders

Many elementary schools already use  the folder method.  The folder lives in your child’s back pack and is for all their work, newsletters, permission forms, and lunch order forms. The folder has a “to go home side” and “back to school form”.

Not coloring coded but smart! 

Having two sets of text books one for home and one for school because your child most likely will forget to bring the text book or bring the wrong one home. Another thing that exists for some schools is an online system where parents and teachers can communicate. Teachers post what went on during the day and what the homework was so every one is on the same page. Parents can log in and see what went on comment and send private messages to the teacher.


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